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Our Three key services, which can be provided both on-site and off-site, are process consulting and appraisal of organizational processes, process training and process tools.

GPI’s research and development team is the core driving force, propelling us forward to create innovative solutions, processes and tools.


Process Consult & Appraisal

GPI Asia offers practical solutions to every client’s problems. We have a process library which stocks three basic processes, based on different CMMI® levels that we customize to each client’s needs and constraints.

Our consultants all have extensive experience in conducting both CMMI® mini-appraisals as well as formal appraisals. Mini-appraisals are held for clients who need to appraise their organization’s existing process quality and performance before determining the necessary changes needed for an upgrade before culminating in a formal appraisal. Read more»


Process Training

GPI Asia’s process training courses are available for most process areas. We regularly offer courses catering to beginners, intermediate and advanced users. Please check the schedule of courses available below. We also do off-site training courses which we customize to client needs. Read more»


 Process Tools

GPI Asia uses process tools readily available standard platforms. Our solutions however, are customized by the engineering team to directly address both potential and existing problems encountered by our clients. Read more»