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About us

GPI Asia’s regional headquarters was established in 2006 to meet clients’ unique organizational requirements for an effective all-in-one software process and service provider.

We offer professional consultancies in:

  • Process Improvement
  • Process Training
  • Process Tools

At the helm is our experienced Lead Appraiser who rounds out our range of services with Process Appraisal certification.

GPI Asia takes pride in creating practical, innovative and customized processes that meet international standards yet fit divergent needs of each organization.

To achieve our mission, the products and services developed for each client is formulated through feedback from the management, technical software and process software engineers.

Our consultancy service identifies process areas and tools that are best suited to each client’s needs, while our team will refine and tailor existing common product platforms to fit mutually agreed upon goals.

In addition to our dedication to seeking the best solutions for our clients, all GPI consultants continue to keep up with the latest process improvement techniques to constantly provide cutting edge yet practical processes and products.


Our Clients

GPI Asia has supported worldwide customers.  Our clients range from IT business to government sector, from small (5-10 people) to fairly large companies (more than 500 people). Read More»


Our Partners

GPI Asia has been partnership with many worldwide organizations to expand our abilities to support our clients the best. Read More»